Davy Jones Last Sunset

Open Edition
While going to get something for tea I could see there was a opportunity to shoot a great sunset, I set up late pushed for time down at north beach, I chose a small rock to be the fore ground hero with the aperture set to 22's iso to 100 gave a one second shutter speed to allow the water to weave its magic around my hero. After enjoying the sunset and shoot it was time to down load the files, there were many good shots to choose from but this one with the eerie figure that looks like Davy Jones being drawn in to a whirlpool and beckoning me to follow him that stood out. If you look to the left of the figure there is a resemblance of the octopus creature the way he was depicted in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies to the right looks like a hand rising up out of the water beckoning one to follow into the whirlpool.
Camera Canon 5d Mk3
Lens Canon 16/35 2.8 USM
Aperture F22 Shutter Speed 1second ISO 100
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