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Peter is currently mentoring wedding & portrait photography studio’s in on a one on one base, country studio’s I’m very happy to help running wedding & portrait workshops but I will need to charge for travel expenses.
With over 25 years experience as a high end wedding photographer,over the years he evolved a system on shooting and selling that gave the studio an average in excess of $8,500 per album with sales of volume 1/2 albums not being uncommon exceeding $10,000 / $14,000 you can learn the same system in 4 easy workshops or just pick the one that suits your needs it is recommended that you start with workshop 1 .
Peter has held workshops in every major capital city in Australia and has a plethora of knowledge to pass on not to just the emerging studio’s also to established studios, lets face it we have health checks regularly on our bodies so why not on our business’s.
It is a very important & astute in business not just as a beginner but as established studio to have an outside or 2nd eye view to the industry to keep you on top of the game.
All information supplied is held strictly in total confidentiality.
Peter is a AIPP Master Photographer II, WA AIPP judge & APPA, judge & panel chair for many years, former WA AIPP state president & national AIPP vice president he  is currently a AIPP folio assessor.
Please fill out the form below or call +64 (0)278000856 for more information.

Health Check Workshop 1

Peters health check is very through It comprises of Peter spending up to 10 hours, discussing with you your needs, goals at both professional and financial levels you wish to acquire to in the future, as well as discussing every aspect of the current studio workings in great detail from your marketing, web presence, studio display materials, the studio layout & appeal.
Peter will write a full report with a 10 minute you tube video of his recommendations (up to 5 hours) that he sees you need to implement and discuss it with you in total detail on the 2nd visit.
This workshop is a must for beginners/ emerging studio’s and gives your studio a great stable starting platform.

What you will receive:

  • 2 Days consultation at your studio 5hrs per day;
  • A full through written & you tube report on the studios;
  • Marketing (whats best for you)
  • Web presence, website content, layout & Seo
  • Folio assessment & studio use of it (are you using your best images)
  • Studio layout, appeal & studio display materials critic
  • 12 months phone / skype support

Workshop 1 total hours 15 Cost $1,500

The Structure Workshop 2

This workshop will give you a great insight into the details of the System and how it works with continuity & psychology helping structuring your business and pricing.

What you will receive:

  • 1 Day consultation 5hrs
  • Recommendations for structuring your business and pricing.
  • Recommendations for planning customer information packages.(how to soft sell from the start)
  • Recommendations for planning client meetings. (how many to have  to conduct them start to finish)
  • A full run through of the system.
  • 12 months phone / skype support

Workshop 2 total hours 5 Cost $500

Opening the Door Workshop 3

This workshop is all about using the system images & plans.
Album Designing & Presentation Techniques, identifying the images that consistently sell and how to create them, shooting combinations that add to more images per album or portrait siting  because your clients love them.

What you will receive:

  • 1 Day consultation 5hrs
  • Workflow & Client filing systems recommendations.
  • Peter’s complete shot list & notes for how it works.
  • A full run through of album planing & portrait presentation to the client using the system.
  • How to sell big Albums & Portrait sittings & the psychology behind it
  • 12 months phone / skype support

Workshop 3 total hours 5 Cost $500

The Great outdoors Workshop 4
Wow time to play, this workshop is all about camera craft on location, how to make the most from your locations, maximizing your shots.
This workshop maybe combined with a wedding or portrait shoot of yours if you require this option please ask about the rates for images that Peter shoots.

What you will receive:

  • 1 Day consultation 5hrs
  • Detailed demonstration on how to place your subjects in a location so it can be a straight out of the camera print.
  • Detailed demonstration on how to maximize you shots on location.
  • Detailed demonstration on how to mix, expose light fill & main flash with ambient.
  • Detailed demonstration on different focal lengths of lenses & what they do.
  • Learn the art of posing people.
  • 12 months phone / skype support.

Workshop 4 total hours 5 Cost $500 without models inquire for rates with models.

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